It’s been a while

8 06 2013

Hello lovely folks,

It’s been a while since I updated or posted anything on this blog.

Life happens and all that kind of stuff.I stared a new blog.This one is more personal,where I share my little adventures with the world.Feel free to head on there.

Thank you to all those who have followed this blog and supported me.I really appreciate it.

Link to new blog:



Nonprofits I Support

29 12 2011

The Networked Nonprofit

I would definitely start my own nonprofit organization.I don’t know what it would focus on specifically but I know for sure that I would love to help women and children.I have some internship and volunteer experience in the nonprofit sector,and I feel like this is where my talents could best be utilized.

I currently support the following nonprofit organizations.

1.Girls Inc

2.Amnesty International


4.Boys and Girls Club

5.Books for Africa

6.Hosea Feed the Hungry

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