5 05 2012


My blog silence is so loud.I can literally hear

Well,I really don’t have an explanation, but maybe the following will give you an idea.

1.I really don’t have much to say/write about  these days so I’d rather stay silent.

2.Refer to number reason number 1.

Also,since my blog doesn’t have  a “niche”,I’ve been thinking about focusing on a particular topic or area of interest.I think I’ll pass on that though.Maybe in the future.Wayyy in the future.

Hope everyone is having  a great weekend.

Happy Cinco De Mayo.


Happy Easter

7 04 2012

Happy Easter to all of you.


Daley ft Marsha Ambrosius ~ Alone Together

13 03 2012

This is currently one of my favorite songs of the moment.

Love .Love .This Song.

February 2012

2 03 2012

Yaay for a leap year!!


So it looks like I’m down to blogging once a month. No bueno at all! I’ve been slacking in this department. Firstly, I made an effort to post four blogs this past month but each time I hit the post button nothing would show up.(I hope this one does). I’m not the most aggressive person so I just left it at that. I didn’t bother really. Hopefully, I’ll maintain a regular schedule this month, we’ll see.

Random Acts of Kindness Week

I know I’m late but this actually took place during the week of February 13-19.I love this concept and I actually wrote a post on it twice but it would not post AT ALL. Thanks WordPress!!I stumbled upon a cool website ( that actually has great ideas about kindness and things of that nature. I’m sure we do not need one week to remind us to be kind to others and this is a concept that we can all incorporate in our daily lives.


In keeping with my goal to visit a place each month, I took a one and a half day trip to Chicago and another overnight trip to Indianapolis. I still haven’t gotten around to doing all the fun stuff in Chicago because each time I go, the weather is just not friendly. I hope to go back in the summer   so I can explore the city. Indianapolis was a similar story .From Indiana, my mom, my friend and I drove down to Georgia.

Below are some random pictures I took.I love bodies of water and buildings.Bodies of water ,because they seem so peaceful yet full of life.Buildings,because they have so much character and can tell a story.

Tennessee river

I woke up to this in Chicago.

Bridge in Downtown Chicago

Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

February has been an ok month for the most part. It went by so fast .10 months to go until the end of the world.


3 02 2012

I am so glad that the month of January is over.

It has been fun,crazy,stressful and everything in between.

In keeping up with my resolutions,I managed to stick to a regular work out schedule.

I also had an entire month to think about what I want to do with the rest of my life.Let’s just say,that is still a work in progress.

My best friend and I made a pact to go somewhere new every month.The first weekend of January,we spontaneously took a road trip to Jacksonville,Florida.It was a much needed break.We had so much fun hanging out and exploring Jacksonville.

Overall,January has been good.11 more months until the end of the year.:-)

Four types of people I do not like

25 01 2012

1.Flaky people.
It’s annoying.Make up your mind.

We all have our bad days and whine about this,that and the other.But when you dedicate your entire lifetime to whining about everything,you gotta stay away from me.I don’t like negative energy around me.

3.People who can’t do stuff by themselves.
This is mostly a female problem.You want someone to go to the bathroom with you.You want someone to accompany you to point A.It is only after you get to point A that the accompanee is informed that stops will be made at points B,C and D.Why????You want someone to show you where the sugar is in the grocery store!The list goes on.I will only be available for IMPORTANT stuff.Thank you!

Need I say more.We all lie but some people lie way more than others.Here’s how I take lying.If you lie to me that means that a)you think I’m so stupid that I will believe your lie or b)I’m so stupid that you actually have the nerve to lie to me.Now that’s a sticky situation.A lie is a lie,the intent is even more critical.

Places I’d like to visit this year

22 01 2012

Here are a few of the places I’d like to visit this year,in no particular order.


2.Las Vegas,Nevada



5.New Orleans,Louisiana(I’ve been once but I want to  go back.)

**List will be updated.