Ducks at the park.

17 04 2012


I took this picture of these cute ducks at Piedmont Park in Atlanta.I have a love – hate relationship with ducks.I am absolutely terrified of anything with wings.When I was child,a duck chased me around our house.I haven’t quite gotten over the
However,there was something calming about this picture.These ducks were having a care-free time,being fed bread crumbs by strangers.Ahh,the life of a duck!:-)


Beautiful ‘Bama Sunset

15 03 2012


This is a picture I took with my phone of the sun setting, somewhere on a highway in  Alabama.I love how the colors contrast each other.Nature at its best and simply breathtaking.

February 2012

2 03 2012

Yaay for a leap year!!


So it looks like I’m down to blogging once a month. No bueno at all! I’ve been slacking in this department. Firstly, I made an effort to post four blogs this past month but each time I hit the post button nothing would show up.(I hope this one does). I’m not the most aggressive person so I just left it at that. I didn’t bother really. Hopefully, I’ll maintain a regular schedule this month, we’ll see.

Random Acts of Kindness Week

I know I’m late but this actually took place during the week of February 13-19.I love this concept and I actually wrote a post on it twice but it would not post AT ALL. Thanks WordPress!!I stumbled upon a cool website ( that actually has great ideas about kindness and things of that nature. I’m sure we do not need one week to remind us to be kind to others and this is a concept that we can all incorporate in our daily lives.


In keeping with my goal to visit a place each month, I took a one and a half day trip to Chicago and another overnight trip to Indianapolis. I still haven’t gotten around to doing all the fun stuff in Chicago because each time I go, the weather is just not friendly. I hope to go back in the summer   so I can explore the city. Indianapolis was a similar story .From Indiana, my mom, my friend and I drove down to Georgia.

Below are some random pictures I took.I love bodies of water and buildings.Bodies of water ,because they seem so peaceful yet full of life.Buildings,because they have so much character and can tell a story.

Tennessee river

I woke up to this in Chicago.

Bridge in Downtown Chicago

Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

February has been an ok month for the most part. It went by so fast .10 months to go until the end of the world.


3 02 2012

I am so glad that the month of January is over.

It has been fun,crazy,stressful and everything in between.

In keeping up with my resolutions,I managed to stick to a regular work out schedule.

I also had an entire month to think about what I want to do with the rest of my life.Let’s just say,that is still a work in progress.

My best friend and I made a pact to go somewhere new every month.The first weekend of January,we spontaneously took a road trip to Jacksonville,Florida.It was a much needed break.We had so much fun hanging out and exploring Jacksonville.

Overall,January has been good.11 more months until the end of the year.:-)

Places I’ve been to so far

27 10 2011

I am on a quest to travel to as many places that I possibly can.I always joke by saying that if I had the money.I’d probably be a professional tourist(if there is such a thing).

So last year,I decided to take up the challenge.Here is a list of all the places that I have been to so far.


September – New Orleans,Louisiana

October – Memphis,Tennessee

December – Baltimore,Maryland & Washington,D.C


January – Chicago,Illionois

February – Raleigh,North Carolina

March – Indianapolis,Indiana & Chicago, Illinois

April – Savannah,Georgia

May – Indianapolis,Indiana

September – St Louis,Missouri

Ps:I’ve been in the U.S for 3 years so I think I’ve done pretty good on my travels.





Countries I’d love to visit (Part Uno)

8 07 2011

These are some of the counties I’d love to visit in no particular order,if finances and time  were not an issue.


I love the culture,food,easy breezy island vibe,music and everything that Jamaica has to offer.I often picture myself strolling on a beautiful sandy beach,jamming to Bob Marley.

#2 Italy

I love the fashion,art and food.There’s something sophisticated about Italian culture.I want to walk in the old cities,ride in a gondola and eat gelato on a hot summer day.







#3 Morocco

I want to  immerse myself in the beauty and uniqueness that this North African country has to offer.I want to go on  a camel ride and sample tasty Moroccan dishes.







#4South Korea

Ever since I wrote a paper about this country,I’ve been intrigued by the rapid economic growth that this country has achieved.I hear Seoul calling!!








Amazing people.Great Food.Carnival.The Amazon rain forest.What more can one ask for.

PS: I know there’s more to see and experience in these countries than I care to list right now.:-))

Part Dos(2) coming soon.