26 08 2012

Sometimes you don’t realize just how strong you are until you’ve been tested to the limit.We don’t give ourselves enough credit for how much strength we have inside of us.
I am completely surprised by  the amount of strength I’ve been able
to exhibit,after a few unfortunate events.
It always works out in the end.No matter how bleak,dark or uncertain situations may seem,I know that there is a little store in my being that contains this strength.
May the Lord grant me strength and grace to deal with life’s challenges.


My Role Models

14 11 2011

Romantic Heart form Love Seeds

1.My Father

I still look up to my dad even though he died several years ago.He inspired me to be on the academic road that I am on today.My dad was very smart and I only hope to be half the person he was.He was also a cultured person and I take after him in that respect.

2.My mother

I don’t give her enough credit but she’s amazing.I appreciate her sacrifices for my siblings and I especially after my father died.It was rough but she gave us everything we needed and beyond.Her fighting spirit is like no other,very rare,yet essential.

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Motivational Mondays

24 10 2011

Good Morning/Bonjour/Hola!!

It’s a beautiful Monday.

Often times things don’t work out the way we want them to.Sometimes life throws things at us,tests our limits and pushes us to the ground.We feel lost,afraid,ashamed,overwhelmed and everything in between.It almost seems like the best thing to do is give up and stay down.

No matter what challenges or circumstances you may be facing,I encourage you to get back up and keep on fighting.Keep on fighting until you see that breakthrough in your career,finances,relationships etc.It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down.What matter is how you get up and forge ahead.

The video below encourages me to keep on fighting!!

Have a great Monday.

C is for Confidence

21 10 2011

Confidence is sexy.

Confidence is cool.

Your confidence speaks volumes about who you are as an individual,your aspirations and what you have to bring to the table.

Be confident at all times.

Let it flow from within.

Happy Friday

B is for Bold

20 10 2011

Be bold in your everyday life.


Approach life with boldness.Be bold in your decisions.


Never back down.Never give in.


Happy Thursday.

A is for Attitude

19 10 2011

Attitude is everything!
The kind of attitude you have will determine the outcome of a situation,event,project etc.
I firmly believe in this principle and that is why I strive to have a positive attitude at all times.

You cannot be happy and pleasant at all times but for the most part,I try to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards everything.
Stay positive and Happy Wednesday.

I feel like a gazelle…

6 10 2011

That’s exactly how I feel when I run.

I’ve been making  excuses(it’s too hot,I’m busy,I just don’t have the time etc) for not running.Today I decided to change that and I felt pretty good about going out for  a run.It’s  a very refreshing feeling,very freeing and empowering in a sense.

The boyfriend has been encouraging me to run and I always come up with a quick excuse not to.I’m glad he was persistent about it because I finally got around to doing it.

I used to run in primary and  high school.I was one of the best runners in the 100 meters,relay and 200 meters categories.Even though this was primarily for competition,I still loved the emotions I experienced after running.As I ran down the road today,some of those emotions came back and they took me to another place and time.They reminded me of  why I started running in the first place.

I love the way my feet pound the pavement,the way the  wind blows in my face and the way the sun teasingly burns my skin.I hope I can keep this up and build on my endurance and strength.