26 08 2012

Sometimes you don’t realize just how strong you are until you’ve been tested to the limit.We don’t give ourselves enough credit for how much strength we have inside of us.
I am completely surprised by¬† the amount of strength I’ve been able
to exhibit,after a few unfortunate events.
It always works out in the end.No matter how bleak,dark or uncertain situations may seem,I know that there is a little store in my being that contains this strength.
May the Lord grant me strength and grace to deal with life’s challenges.


Happy Easter

7 04 2012

Happy Easter to all of you.


Ramadan is here.

2 08 2011

The holy month of Ramadan is here.This is when Muslims fast and pray from dusk until dawn for an entire month.I have always been intrigued and humbled  by the discipline practiced, and the dedication that Muslims put into observing Ramadan.

My Muslim friends have often asked me to observe the fast with them but I have never followed through with that.This year,however,things are different,I am going to try to fast and pray for as many days as I can.It’s not going to be easy but I’m at least willing to try.

Happy Ramadan to all the Muslims fasting and praying this month.