10 Things I'm Certain Of

30 11 2011

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1.There is a God/Higher Power

2.There are four seasons

3.I love sleeping and I am so not a morning person

4.Good food=life

5.Global warming is real

6.UFO's and such are non-existent

7.Turkeys are not so great looking.It is for this reason that I refuse to eat them

8.The world is running out of water

9.Social media is both a good and bad thing

10.Ignorance is definitely NOT bliss

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28 11 2011

Human beings are by far the most complex living things to ever exist.As the year comes to an end,I have been reflecting on what kinds of people have been in my life.Like the old saying goes,people come into your life for different reasons.Sure they do!!Always the one to see the good in others,I try to learn from each person that comes into or leaves my life.

This year alone has allowed me to have various people in my life.And as they say,there are friends for every kind of season.Some people come into your life to help you,others come in to drain you.Others come into your life to teach you something or to help you look at things from a different point of view,and others well,they are just there for the sake of being there.

Whatever the reason the person may be in my life for,I appreciate them and I appreciate their existence.If they brought happiness,joy and inspiration with them,even better.If they didn’t,at least I know what to look out for next time.Life and experiences go by so fast.One minute you’re laughing,celebrating  and having fun and the next,all those good things are but a memory.

To all the wonderful people that have zoomed in and out of my life,I thank you for the individual lessons I have learned from each of you.

Zoned for Slavery

23 11 2011

Next time you buy something,think about the person(usually a child) behind the label.

Globalization as we have come to know it, has done more harm than good for people in developing countries.

Huge corporations are making immense profits from exploiting children,who often spend unreasonable  hours working in factories so that the developed world can have affordable goods.

These people work under under inhumane conditions,denied the opportunity to a better life by the menial wages that they are paid.


Random Acts of Kindness

15 11 2011

Love given is love received. Generosity given   is generosity received. I have been fascinated with the whole concept of random acts of kindness. This is where you basically do something random, yet nice for another person. The belief is that this will trigger a chain reaction effect and others will continue to do good things for others .I’m one of those people that believe in karma. If you do good things for others, chances are others will do good things for you. When you do good things for others, do not do them   with the expectation of receiving anything. We live in a world where we are so absorbed with the “what’s in it for me” attitude. It doesn’t hurt to do something good and positive without expecting anything in return. When you do good things out of the goodness of your heart, the greater your reward will be in heaven/afterlife or whatever you believe in. Below are some random acts of kindness that we can all engage in.

  • Open /hold  the door for another person
  • Let someone get ahead of you in traffic
  • Volunteer  your time
  • Pay for the next driver’s toll
  • Smile at a stranger
  • Compliment a stranger
  • Donate some warm clothes and blankets to a homeless shelter
  • Thank the mailperson for delivering your mail
  • Help an elderly person with their shopping cart
  • Anything that you feel would fall under this list 🙂

Do something nice for someone today.

My Role Models

14 11 2011

Romantic Heart form Love Seeds

1.My Father

I still look up to my dad even though he died several years ago.He inspired me to be on the academic road that I am on today.My dad was very smart and I only hope to be half the person he was.He was also a cultured person and I take after him in that respect.

2.My mother

I don’t give her enough credit but she’s amazing.I appreciate her sacrifices for my siblings and I especially after my father died.It was rough but she gave us everything we needed and beyond.Her fighting spirit is like no other,very rare,yet essential.

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My Top 5 Websites

10 11 2011

Dancing at Yahoo!



-Huffington Post



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Mountains Versus Marathons

9 11 2011

Marathon Woman

I would most certainly go for the Marathon simply because I was a cross country runner in High School and also in college, and I have always been fascinated with the challenge of getting one accomplished. I've always been advised not to undertake that challenge in high school by my cross country coach who had done several himself because he believed a teenager's physical fitness were not fit to take that kind of abuse from a race that long. I certainly hope to do it in the near future now that I have nothing holding me back expect my willingness to train for it.

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