Childhood Obesity

28 08 2011

I was standing in line at the farmer’s market  yesterday,waiting to check out.Right in front of me was a family of five ;mother,father,son and two wonderful girls.As I stood there waiting for the line to move,I noticed something.One of the girls looked about no less than 8 and no more than 10 years old.What struck me about her was how overweight she was for her age  and size.Now,don’t get me wrong,I am not trying to be mean or anything.A part of me was sad because I saw how hard she tried to run around and play with her sister.

The question though is who’s to blame??Is it her parents for making poor food choices on her behalf?Is it the little girls fault?Or is it the food industry’s fault?Childhood obesity is not an issue to be taken lightly and I think parents and concerned citizens should take an active stance in fighting it.WE need to make sure our future generations are healthy.I know it’s a long shot considering the forces that we have to put up with,but it can be done.

Make small changes in your eating habits.Do some physical activity.Advocate.Encourage children to make healthier food choices.Do something.We cannot sit by and watch our children go to waste.


Famine in Somalia

9 08 2011

I just saw a news clip on the famine and all the craziness going on in Somalia.My heart bleeds for the beautiful people of Somalia who have had such a tumultuous failed political system and war ravaged country.One thing that gets to me is how all these rebels are blocking aid from getting to the innocent people who need it the most.Families have to walk to refugee camps in nearby Kenya in order for them to get any type of assistance.

A woman who was interviewed said she had to walk for 3 months to get to Kenya.In the process, two of her four children died whilst trying to reach the refugee camp.When the reporter asked her what she did with their bodies,she simply stated that she had left her children where they had died.How sad and heart breaking is that!!She said she did not have the energy to lift them or give them a decent burial.

Refugee camps are now full to capacity with hungry children who are malnourished and almost on the brink of death.UNICEF and other relief agencies are doing the best they can to help these people.To the people of Somalia,help is on the way.

Do Not Give Up.

Be Mine ~ Ellie Goulding & Erik Hassle

7 08 2011

This is the most beautiful song I have heard today.Beautiful, in the way that it has been sang,arranged and all.

Ramadan is here.

2 08 2011

The holy month of Ramadan is here.This is when Muslims fast and pray from dusk until dawn for an entire month.I have always been intrigued and humbled  by the discipline practiced, and the dedication that Muslims put into observing Ramadan.

My Muslim friends have often asked me to observe the fast with them but I have never followed through with that.This year,however,things are different,I am going to try to fast and pray for as many days as I can.It’s not going to be easy but I’m at least willing to try.

Happy Ramadan to all the Muslims fasting and praying this month.