Palea~ Dobet Gnahore

10 07 2011

This is musical purity at it’s best.The amazingly talented Miss Gnahore, stirs up some type of emotion when she beautifully sings this song.Love!!!Love!!!Love all the different instruments and sounds she incorporates in her song.


The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

10 07 2011

Let me just start by saying that my heart is heavy after watching this documentary.It was recommended to me by a colleague and I finally made time to watch it.
The documentary is basically about  an ancient practice in Afghanistan known as Bacha Bazi,which when translated to English means ” Boy play” or “playing with boys”.This is where young boys are made to dress up in female clothes and dance in front of male audiences.At the end of the night,the highest bidder(s) take the boy home and  have sex with him.
These boys are usually orphans that are picked from the streets or  are sold by their parents.They are taught how to dance and sing by their new “owners” who give them money and take care of their needs.Often times,when the boys are recruited they think that their job is to entertain these audiences that are filled with high profile individuals.Little do they know that they have to succumb to the sexual desires of these men as well.

Boys who attempt to leave this lifestyle are often killed and law enforcement seems to do very little about it.One of the clips in the documentary shows police officers attending a Bacha Bazi.The owner of the boys profiled in this documentary also has ties to law enforcement which makes it even harder to have him prosecuted.
This is a sad yet real documentary and I hope that one day the Dancing Boys will get their justice.Children should never be subjected to any form of sexual abuse or exploitation.

Ps:The documentary is available on Netflix and

Countries I’d love to visit (Part Uno)

8 07 2011

These are some of the counties I’d love to visit in no particular order,if finances and time  were not an issue.


I love the culture,food,easy breezy island vibe,music and everything that Jamaica has to offer.I often picture myself strolling on a beautiful sandy beach,jamming to Bob Marley.

#2 Italy

I love the fashion,art and food.There’s something sophisticated about Italian culture.I want to walk in the old cities,ride in a gondola and eat gelato on a hot summer day.







#3 Morocco

I want to  immerse myself in the beauty and uniqueness that this North African country has to offer.I want to go on  a camel ride and sample tasty Moroccan dishes.







#4South Korea

Ever since I wrote a paper about this country,I’ve been intrigued by the rapid economic growth that this country has achieved.I hear Seoul calling!!








Amazing people.Great Food.Carnival.The Amazon rain forest.What more can one ask for.

PS: I know there’s more to see and experience in these countries than I care to list right now.:-))

Part Dos(2) coming soon.

Tot mom acquitted for murder of little Caylee

6 07 2011

As most of you have probably heard by now,Casey Anthony has been acquitted for the 2008 murder of her only daughter,2 year old Caylee Anthony.

When I heard the verdict,I was stunned because I was not expecting it at all.

Putting aside all the legal jargon,court proceedings and what have you,an innocent child died and the “justice system” can’t  figure out who did it.That’s just beyond me.

I know little Caylee is in heaven where she is loved and well taken care of.May Her precious little Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

God is the Ultimate Judge.

If It Isn’t Love~ Nicky B ft Sean Paul

4 07 2011

I came across this video this past weekend. I love the story line in the song even though it’s sad..Nicky B is a great artist and so is Sean Paul.I can’t seem to get over Sean’s hair but hey,work it!!!