16 06 2011

I’m not much of a movie buff so it’s surprising to see that this post was inspired by a movie. I just got done watching the South African movie “Yesterday”. It is a compelling story about a woman who is diagnosed with HIV.She goes against all odds and is determined not to let the disease get to her. Her goal is to see her daughter attend the first day of school.Coincidentally, earlier on during the day, my co-workers and I were talking about how HIV is so rampant on the African continent.This movie potrays just that through a rural setting where most people are ignorant about the disease.
Stigma against people living with HIV is a huge issue. After Yesterday (yes, that’s her name) finds out she is HIV positive, she takes a trip to Johannesburg to share the news with her husband, who works in the mines over there. The movie shows a clip where he violently attacks her after she breaks the news to him. Upon returning to her village, she keeps her status to herself.However, things take a turn for the worst when her husband returns from the mines due to his illness. He too is HIV positive and his heath is deteriorating at a rapid rate. Once the rest of the village find out about his illness, they want him gone for fear of getting infected. This is the part that gets to me.How often have we seen that play out in real life? Where HIV positive people are stigmatized against and treated differently.This is something that we all can change.We need to stop being ignorant and separate facts from fiction. I know we have heard this a million times but it is indeed time to stop the stigma. We need to spread the word like wild fire. Each one of us can do our part. We’re in this together. As the saying goes, if you’re not infected, you are affected. Life is already a challenge for people with HIV.Let’s make the load a little lighter for them.
All in all, the movies is a must see. I would encourage people leading workshops or groups trying to sensitize communities to watch it.I hope I haven’t spoiled it for people who haven’t seen it yet. Please do.

Stop the Stigma & Ignorance!!!!


Hello World

16 06 2011


I have  been wanting to blog for the longest time but never got around to it.I have come as close as setting up a blog and deleting it in two days.So here’s to hoping that this one will hold up for a little longer.I want to use this space to express myself creatively.This blog will have  a little bit of everything as I do not have  a specific niche.I want it to be just that-a blog that encompasses all issues that I care and sometimes may not care about.

Thanks in  advance  to all the people that will get a chance to read this blog.Feel free to stop by whenever and share your input if need be.

Let’s have fun in cyber world.Here’s to  more  posts!!!