It’s been a while

8 06 2013

Hello lovely folks,

It’s been a while since I updated or posted anything on this blog.

Life happens and all that kind of stuff.I stared a new blog.This one is more personal,where I share my little adventures with the world.Feel free to head on there.

Thank you to all those who have followed this blog and supported me.I really appreciate it.

Link to new blog:




26 08 2012

Sometimes you don’t realize just how strong you are until you’ve been tested to the limit.We don’t give ourselves enough credit for how much strength we have inside of us.
I am completely surprised by  the amount of strength I’ve been able
to exhibit,after a few unfortunate events.
It always works out in the end.No matter how bleak,dark or uncertain situations may seem,I know that there is a little store in my being that contains this strength.
May the Lord grant me strength and grace to deal with life’s challenges.

Daley ~Those Who Wait

5 05 2012

Every now and then I’m enamored by an artist that has undeniable talent.

I listen to most kinds of music with no geographical preferences at all.I consider certain types of music to be every inspiring and therapeutic.

I recently stumbled upon Daley,a British singer with an amazing voice.His sound is so soothing yet convincing.He as so much emotion in his voice.I’m no music expert but I can certainly appreciate great talent.

At only 22 years old,the world has definitely not seen enough of this young man.I hope he gets his “big break” soon.

Daley released a mix-tape last year titled  Those Who Wait ,which is available for download on his site

Below is  a video called Those Who Wait.

The premise of the song is simple:patience is key ,things will eventually happen when they are meant to.Good things come to those who wait.

Excerpt from lyrics


“Take your time
So I’m waiting,
Cause I know I’m gonna be
Next in line
To claim my prize, and be all that I wanna be
I work so hard to earn my place
And good things come to those who wait”

Ps.Truer words have never been spoken or rather sung.

Here is another video,Daley’s spin on Maxwell’s “Pretty Wings”



5 05 2012


My blog silence is so loud.I can literally hear

Well,I really don’t have an explanation, but maybe the following will give you an idea.

1.I really don’t have much to say/write about  these days so I’d rather stay silent.

2.Refer to number reason number 1.

Also,since my blog doesn’t have  a “niche”,I’ve been thinking about focusing on a particular topic or area of interest.I think I’ll pass on that though.Maybe in the future.Wayyy in the future.

Hope everyone is having  a great weekend.

Happy Cinco De Mayo.

Ducks at the park.

17 04 2012


I took this picture of these cute ducks at Piedmont Park in Atlanta.I have a love – hate relationship with ducks.I am absolutely terrified of anything with wings.When I was child,a duck chased me around our house.I haven’t quite gotten over the
However,there was something calming about this picture.These ducks were having a care-free time,being fed bread crumbs by strangers.Ahh,the life of a duck!:-)

Happy Easter

7 04 2012

Happy Easter to all of you.


4 04 2012

I was browsing WordPress and came across this post.

One word….Amazing.

Having lived in Zambia for the most part of my life,I cannot even begin to describe how special this post is.

Thanks to M.G Edwards of World Adventures for this great post.

World Adventurers

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Here’s a list of the top ten things you should do if you visit Zambia, a country in Southern Africa. Zambia lies southwest of Tanzania, which is featured in my book Kilimanjaro: One Man’s Quest to Go Over the Hill. The two countries are similar in many ways, with plenty of opportunities to see amazing natural beauty, go on thrilling wildlife safaris, and experience Africa’s unique culture.

This list is based on my own experiences when I lived in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital and largest city. These activities and destinations will give you a taste of what this interesting country has…

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